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Why should Realtors offer Staging as part of their Marketing Service?

Why do the top selling Realtors hire professional stagers?    

  • Staged homes sell faster and on average for 6-10% more than non-Staged homes.
  • Staging gives "more bang for your buck" than other marketing activities.  Staging works to help sell the home the entire time it's listed and impacts every buyer and agent who views the property, in person or online, at any given time. 
  • A quicker sale for more money means satisfied clients, which results in more referrals and more commission.
  • Staging = increased showings. . Staged homes photograph better and increases the amount of showings.
  • Hiring a Professional Stager allows you to keep up with current market trends

Buyers are expecting more these days.  Make sure your listings are at the top of their list!

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Photos by: Melanie Rangel & Cyndi Liemohn

and increase your business
by hiring a professional stager today!


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